Video preview: ‘The love child of Joni Mitchell and Daffy Duck,’ coming to First Night Morris

Is nothing sacred?

Not to singer-songwriter John Forster, who one writer has described as the love child of Joni Mitchell and Daffy Duck.

John Forster

John Forster

Dr. Lynn Siebert of Morris Arts calls him a protege of Tom Lehrer, and a veritable “one-man Capitol Steps.”

John will bring his irreverent style to  First Night Morris County 2014, in Morristown on New Year’s Eve.

In this video preview produced by students at the County College of Morris, Lynn and Denise Schmidt of First Night Morris also talk about Spook Handy, a folksinger who has performed with the great Pete Seeger.

Spook’s songs are alternately “empowering, heartbreaking and touching,” says Lynn.

You can hear John and Spook–and many more performers– for $25. More than 200 musicians, dancers, actors and comedians are scheduled for more than 80 performances at 24 venues across Morristown.


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