Video preview: Clean comics, kazoo virtuosos and Honest Abe…this must be First Night Morris County

Clean comics.  Flea circuses. Kazoo virtuosos.

Honest Abe?

This must be First Night Morris County, where the word “eclectic” earns its keep in the English language.

THIS SHOW STINKS! No...they're just hypnotized to think that, by mentalist Marshal Manlove. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

THIS SHOW STINKS! No…they’re just hypnotized to think so, by mentalist Marshal Manlove. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Morristown on New Year’s Eve, we’re sure, is the only place where you can see all of the above…and get tutored by tap dancers, do silly things under hypnosis, and appreciate the finer points of theremin solos.

Dr. Lynn Siebert of Morris Arts previews some of these acts with Denise Schmidt of the First Night board, in this video produced by students at County College of Morris.

You can learn more about the clean comic (Brad Trackman), the flea circus (George Esparza), the kazoo virtuoso (the Philadelphia Jug Band) and Honest Abe (Robert Costello), as well as tap dancers Maurice Chestnut and Jeffry Foote, hypnotist Marshal Manlove and thereminist Kip Rosser, at the First Night website.

Robert Costello as Honest Abe.

Robert Costello as Honest Abe.

That’s also where you can buy a badge to witness this cornucopia of wonders.

Through Dec. 21, 2013, the price is $20, with group discounts as well. Then, the price goes to $25 per badge.  In all, more than 200 artists are scheduled to give more than 80 performances in 24 Morristown venues.

“It’s an exciting evening, with acts for every taste, every age, every background, every stye and every genre we could think of,” says Dr. Lynn.

“We hope it will be enough to draw people of all ages to come and enjoy, and find it an enriching, life-affirming way to welcome the new year.”

There are free shuttle buses, and two fireworks shows, too.

Wait just a minuet, you say?

Yes, you even can learn how to do that, from an 18th century dance troupe called In Good Company.



Here is tap dancer Jeffry Foote, in ‘A Jazz Nativity’ in Morristown

Mentalist Marshal Manlove appears in this 2013 First Night retrospective

Thereminist Kip Rosser from First Night Morris 2009

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