Podcast: ‘Good Vibrations’ talks Turkey with Jeannette Howard, yoga instructor

Sun-SalutationIt was great to have yoga instructor Jeannette Howard at the studio!! She brought all kinds of ideas to the forefront of the conversation about staying centered during our crazy busy lives.

One of the things we explored was the Archangel Metatron’s cube, which is sacred geometry. I can meditate on this for long stretches of time and I receive a different message every time. Try it for yourself!Metatrons cube

As promised here is the meaning of Turkey totem. Turkey was the medicine of saints and mystics. Turkey transcends the self and acts on behalf of others. Doing unto others and feeding the People is the message that Turkey brings forth.

If Turkey shows up for you, then you are receiving a gift ~ whatever it is, it will not be insignificant. Maybe a rainbow is going to show up in your day or you will win a trip to an exotic island! Be on the lookout and say Thank You when it appears.

We also talked about Labyrinths and the calming, centering effect one can receive walking through. I have had profound experiences in my labyrinth walks. Always I get the feeling of being lovingly watched over and once I heard a voice tell me to keep dreaming big and that I was being cheered on by the Angels! That came at a time when I was wondering about writing another solo show. The encouragement I heard was instrumental in the writing of   

You CAN get there from here… 

To learn more about the power of the labyrinth please read ~ Walking a Sacred Path by Lauren Artress.

Follow these embedded links to learn more about what and who we discussed: KripaluWayne DyerJeannette Howard

Get your om on with the podcast!


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