Morristown police blotter: Pee and flee, litter rage, drunk driving

This week’s Morristown police blotter has some high numbers… specifically, breathalyzer numbers.

Also…an alleged littering incident caused police to call for backup. And a $500 summons for public urination grew costlier when the defendant allegedly fled the scene.


A man ejected from the Iron Bar was in such bad shape that he had to be transported to Morristown Medical Center, according to police.

morristown police badgeShortly after midnight on Dec. 7, 2013, Morris County Sheriff’s Officer Frank Benevento arrested 25-year-old Morristown resident Francis Cacnio on a charge of disorderly conduct.

While the charge was being processed at Morristown police headquarters, “Cacnio fell in and out of consciousness, began vomiting, and advised he was suicidal,” according to the report of Police Officer James Green.

The Morristown Ambulance Squad took the man to the hospital.


A 22-year-old Morristown man charged with drunken driving was two-and-a-half times over the legal limit for intoxication, according to police.

Daniel Farley was pulled over at 1:17 am on Dec. 7 after starting to make a left turn on the wrong side of the median at Elm Street, reported Police Officer David Gizzi.

The driver told the officer that he had consumed “one Yuengling” at the Iron Bar, the report states. At police headquarters, Daniel registered a blood-alcohol reading of .20, according to Officer Gizzi.  The threshold for intoxication is .08.


A summons for littering touched off a testy scene on Flagler Street on the afternoon of Dec. 7.

Eric T. Smith, 19, of Morristown grew agitated when Officer Scott Weaver asked him to pick up a plastic wrapper that he allegedly threw on the ground, according to the officer’s report.

Eric, who is African-American, responded with profanity, accusing the officer of racism and proceeding to yell at passing cars that he was being stopped because he was black, the report states.

The teen then used his cell phone to call a woman, whom he later identified as his aunt, who drove to the scene.  He walked to her, despite a police directive to stop, and then another man, Stephon Samuels, arrived and began walking towards police, according to the report.

“At this time Mr. Smith became so enraged with anger that he started crying and yelling. He then began clinching his fists and jumping up and down. Seeing Mr. Smith’s anger, Mr. Samuels grabbed him and calmed him down,” the report states.

The summons was issued without further incident.


A Mendham man was charged with obstructing the law and resisting arrest, in addition to public urination, after police say he fled when they discovered him urinating on the lawn of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown.

Thomas J. Glancey, 23, was arrested at 1:30 am on Dec. 8, by Morristown Police Officer Joseph Heuneman.


Police say a Morris Township man who drove into a parked vehicle had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.

Jason Marlowe, 31, struck a parked vehicle on Washington Street in Morristown around 2:23 am on Dec. 11, reported Morristown Police Officer Joseph Heuneman.

According to the police report, Jason told the officer he had consumed “two Guiness’s and a shot” at Grasshopper Off the Green.

At police headquarters, the motorist registered .18 on a breathalyzer test, Officer Heuneman reported.  The state considers .08 to indicate intoxication.

Jason was charged with drunk driving.

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