Winter storm warning for Dec. 14-15 across Morris County; cancelations accumulate

A winter storm warning is in effect from 7 am on Saturday, Dec. 14, through 5 am on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013.

snow plow

KEEP THE ENGINE WARM: Yet another winter storm is heading for Morristown. Photo by Bill Lescohier

Six- to eight inches of snow are possible, followed by a quarter inch of ice, according to the National Weather Service.

The heaviest snowfall is expected between 3 pm and midnight, when up to one inch per hour could accumulate, with visibility of less than half a mile.

Sleet and freezing rain could come during the overnight Saturday, tapering off early Sunday, the weather service predicts.  Travel is expected to be hazardous.

Morristown residents can park their vehicles inside Morristown Parking Authority garages for free, starting at noon Saturday, to ride out the storm.

And even before the first snowflake has fallen, cancelations are starting to accumulate:

Saturday’s “parklet” expo near the Morristown Green has been shelved.  So has Rio Clemente’s holiday concert, which had been scheduled for Sunday at the Music Den in Randolph.  It’s been postponed until February 2014.  If anyone can pull off a Christmas show in February, it’s Rio.

KISSING THE BISHOP'S RING: Mickey Freeman pays homage to the Bishop of Jazz, Rio Clemente, at the Mayor's 2013 holiday party for seniors. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

EVEN THE BISHOP CAN’T CONTROL THE WEATHER: Mickey Freeman pays homage to the Bishop of Jazz, Rio Clemente, at the Morristown 2013 holiday party for seniors.  Rio’s holiday show in Randolph has been canceled by a snowy forecast. Photo by Kevin Coughlin





    To the three folks, one from Morristown, one from the Township, and one from Colorado who helped pull my wife out of the ditch today in front of Loyola House, thank you again. We made it home, the car is one piece, and we made it down our winding driveway. And for the gentleman with the truck and the pull-chain, if you offer plowing services, I’d be more than happy to hire you for our crazy driveway!

    It’s so great to know people can be so kind and helpful to strangers! Yay for humanity!

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