Something wicken this way comes: Morristown greets the solstice, Dec. 21

This is one December holiday that requires no shopping.


HERE COMES THE SUN? Morristown’s first Winter Solstice Celebration, in 2010. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

(Unless you were tasked with picking up the cider.)

Of course, we’re talking about the winter solstice on Dec. 21, 2013,  the shortest day of the year.

Things only get better after that, and Grow It Green Morristown will celebrate this fact for the fourth straight year, with a bonfire at the Early Street Community Garden starting at 5 pm.

Everyone is invited to start anew by tossing scribbled regrets into the fire. Share some solstice lore, sip cider, howl at the moon, and grab a sun plant–while supplies last!

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