Morristown police blotter: A dozen Buds, and a bumpy dash

This week’s Morristown police blotter has two more tales of alcohol-tinged misadventures.


A Baltimore man charged with drunk driving allegedly told Morristown police he had consumed 12 “Bud Light Lemons” before climbing behind the wheel.

Freddy Mauricio Tacuri-Morocho, 30, was stopped on Mills Street on Dec. 1, 2013, at about 9:30 pm.

He had caught the attention of Police Officer Joseph Heuneman by laying on his horn and tailgating another vehicle that had slowed to pass the officer’s patrol car on Early Street, according to the police report.

morristown police badgeWhen Freddy’s Hyundai sedan made a wide turn onto Mills Street, Officer Heuneman pulled him over and observed that the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and watery and there were strong odors of alcohol from inside the car, which had three other occupants.

When the driver was asked how many alcoholic beverages he had consumed, his passenger anxiously told him to answer “dos dos!,” the report said.

“Mr. Morocho then turned to me and nervously stated ‘dos,’” Officer Heuneman reported.

The question was asked again at police headquarters; this time, the answer was a dozen beers, according to the report.

The driver was charged with drunk driving, refusal to submit breath samples, improper use of his horn, failure to maintain his lane and failure to provide a valid insurance card.


A Pennsylvania man caught urinating outside a Morristown roller rink was so drunk that he injured himself twice while attempting to flee, according to police, who eventually sent him to Morristown Medical Center because he appeared too intoxicated to go home.

Sean D. McCloskey, 22, of Kennett Square, PA, was observed by Officer Eric Petr outside InLine Morristown at 2:20 am on Nov. 23, 2013.

The officer reported that he told Sean to stop urinating on the wall, and then told him not to run.

At this point, according to the police report, the suspect ran through the parking lot, heading north.

“You are under arrest, stop running,” Officer Petr yelled from his patrol car, following the man.

Sean “fell face first onto the pavement,” suffering “several scrapes and abrasions to his face and jaw from the fall,” the report states. The officer pulled alongside Sean, who stood up and ran again, according to the report.

Around the corner of the skating rink, Sean fell once more, “causing several abrasions to his hands and forearms.”  When the officer exited his patrol car and approached Sean, who now was standing, the man responded: “I’m caught, go and arrest me.”

While being handcuffed, he “attempted to pull away…and began asking to be let go,” the Officer reported.

Sean was charged with public urination, and obstructing the administration of justice.

At police headquarters, Sean “appeared to be highly intoxicated and stumbled around the cell a few times.” When it was time to be released, he had trouble putting on his shoes, standing and “forming coherent words.”

Deeming it unsafe to release him in such condition, Officer Petr asked the Morristown Ambulance Squad to take Sean to the hospital.






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