Frelinghuysen principal to pinch-hit at Morristown High School

Morristown High School is getting an interim replacement for its interim replacement.

Interim Principal Ethel Minchello is undergoing surgery next week and will be out for at least two months. Mark Manning, principal at the Frelinghuysen Middle School, will sub for Ethel, starting on Dec. 9, 2013.

Interim Principal Ethel Minchello tells Morristown High School graduating seniors to cherish the community values that nurtured them. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Interim Principal Ethel Minchello speaking at the 2013 MHS commencement. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

David Thompson, the instructional supervisor at Frelinghuysen, will step up as interim principal there.

The changes were announced to parents on Tuesday by Thomas Ficarra, superintendent of the Morris School District.

“We all wish Mrs. Minchello a speedy recovery. Mr. Manning and I will be in close communication with her through her recuperation,” the Superintendent said in his message.

“We are confident that both the high school and middle school will continue to function in a smooth and orderly fashion with these experienced administrators in place,” he added.

Meanwhile, the school board is proceeding with its search for a permanent principal at MHS. Ethel, former principal at Frelinghuysen, came out of retirement last year when Principal Linda Murphy was reassigned.

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