Remembering JFK



jfkOn this somber day, marking a half-century since President Kennedy was assassinated, we would prefer to remember why JFK inspired so many people.  Above are videos of his inaugural address and other highlights from his all-too-brief presidency and life.

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A musical tribute will be streamed from the John F. Kennedy Library at 1:30 pm. James Taylor, the Paul Winter Sextet and the United States Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club will perform. Selections from the President’s funeral will be included. A moment of silence will be observed at 2 pm, the time when Kennedy’s death was announced on Friday, Nov. 22, 1963.

To re-live the tragic day in Dallas as it unfolded for millions of Americans, you can watch the actual TV coverage by CBS, which will begin streaming at 1:38 pm.

Other JFK sites of interest:

JFK 50 Years by the Harvard Kennedy School Clips, interviews, etc.

JFK Library YouTube channel

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