Video: Morristown movies are back–and so is Fluffy!

Movies returned to Morristown on Friday.

New operators. Same finicky projection, scratchy film and untidy premises.

On the bright side… Fluffy is back!!!

JUST LIKE OLD TIMES: Eric 'Fluffy' Glover is back, and so are the movies, at Morristown's HQ Plaza. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

JUST LIKE OLD TIMES: Eric ‘Fluffy’ Glover is back, and so are the movies, at Morristown’s HQ Plaza. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Eric T. Glover Sr., affectionately known the world over as Fluffy, The Ticket-Taker Guy, was back at his post in Headquarters Plaza, amusing the locals and perplexing newcomers, just like old times.

Fluffy definitely was the highlight of a decidedly soft launch by AMC, which promises major renovations in 2014.

Clearview was in such a hurry to leave during the summer that it left its signs on the walls, and you would have sworn that the old chain remained in charge.

It took a few minutes on Friday to summon a projectionist to properly frame the opening sequence of Gravity. (No, that bifurcated screen was not a special effect. And the vertical scratch running through a chunk of the movie? It wasn’t carved by space debris.)

The floors were decorated with popcorn and soda cups–June? May?–and the concession stand was as lonely as a church on Mardi Gras.

Fortunately for AMC, there were few eyewitnesses to any of this.  Gravity nearly had more characters on the screen than in front of it.

Fluffy’s got his work cut out for him; the re-launched mother ship is in a wobbly orbit.



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