Pageant begins at 10 a.m. Sunday at St. Peter’s in Morristown

Children of all ages will celebrate the Christmas story with song, drama and a hint of current events tomorrow at a special 10 a.m. service at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Morristown. All are welcome to attend the service, which will include the annual pageant followed by a celebration of Holy Eucharist.

Narrators Catie Owen and Nicholas Agostin rehearse their parts. Sharon Sheridan photo

"Caesar" awaits his time on stage. Sharon Sheridan photo

A shepherd hurries to Bethehem to see the Baby Jesus in the annual Christmas pageant a St. Peter's. Sharon Sheridan photo

Hazel Griffee, aka the Virgin Mary, holds her sister, Hope, portraying Baby Jesus, during pageant rehearsal at St. Peter's. Sharon Sheridan photo

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