Shop local: Stuff your stocking with ‘Kid Dictionary’ from Morristown author

Does your child suffer from the dreaded Cashmosis?

What is Cashmosis, you ask?

It’s a seasonal disorder transmitted by gift cards. For an expert diagnosis of this annoying but non-life-threatening affliction, you will have to consult the holiday section of The Kid Dictionary by Morristown resident Eric Ruhalter.

Eric, you may recall, is that clever fellow whose family keeps winning the Film Festival.

His revised book–priced at $9.99 and perfectly sized for Christmas stockings–includes a number of handy holiday definitions, including:

JINGLEBERRY (JING-uhl-behr-ee)  n. :  A Christmas Carol or other holiday song whose lyrics have been changed to incorporate potty talk and other themes contrary to the season the songs were intended to celebrate.

SHIRTURBED (shurr-TERBD) adj.:   The annoyed state of a child who just received an article of clothing as a present.

KODICK  (KOH-dik) n.:  The child who refuses to cooperate in the taking of the family Holiday card photo.

The Kid Dictionary is available on and via the book’s website.


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'The Kid Dictionary' by Eric Ruhalter

'The Kid Dictionary' by Eric Ruhalter




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