The Podcast: Alice Cooper on shock rock, golf and the Lord

Alice Cooper is one rock star you would love to have a beer with. Jim Morrison, Keith Moon and John Lennon certainly did.

But the king of shock rock shelved the Budweisers a long time ago, so this podcast is the next best thing.

Alice brings his gory horror show–“bloodier than Saving Private Ryan,” one critic said–to Morristown’s Mayo Performing Arts Center on Aug. 15, 2011.

It’s billed as the No More Mr. Nice Guy tour. During our phone chat, however, the man born as Vincent Damon Furnier turned out to be one of the nicest celebrities we’ve ever interviewed.

Alice Cooper comes to Morristown's Mayo Center on Aug. 15.

Alice Cooper comes to Morristown's Mayo Center on Aug. 15.

Alice described the Jekyll and Hyde nature of his existence, the challenge of being a Christian who plays monsters on stage (comparing his Alice persona to Macbeth), and his victory over demon alcohol. That addiction has been superseded by one that involves sticks and dimpled balls.

Does Alice miss his old drinking buddies?

And after more than four decades as an entertainer, how does this freshly minted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer shock modern audiences accustomed to real-life horrors on cable news and the internet?

Listen up, Morristown!

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