Video: ‘MG Wordplay, Fun With Words,’ first half, from the Morristown EcoCenter is proud to present this video of a very special evening, MG Wordplay, Fun With Words.

ben cutler

Ben Cutler captured all the excitement of 'MG Wordplay, Fun With Words,' at the Morristown EcoCenter. Photo by Sharon Sheridan

It features poetry, hip hop, monologues and improv from some gifted friends and neighbors, who performed on May 17, 2011, at the proposed Morristown EcoCenter.

Here is video of the first half, in its entirety. It starts with an amazing eight-year-old, Ariya Blow, and winds down with an equally impressive 96-year-old, Nellie Morris.

Everyone in between is entertaining, too. Pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite beverage, sit back and enjoy.

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MG WordPlay, Fun With Words, First Half:

5:19 Ariya Blow, age 8, oration, “Of Thee I Sing, A Letter to My Daughters,” by Barack Obama.

14:03 Bimpe Fageyinbo, memoir, “So Maybe That’s the Bee’s Weakness”

16:28 Jane Rawlings, poetry, “Wait,” “Driving Home,” “The Lamp”

21:55 Sharon Sheridan, poetry, “Monday Morning Airport,” “Snow Day,” “March Stream,” “Breakfast at Penn Station,” “Ash Wednesday”

30:38 Darren Rabinowitz announcement, Tomfoolery

31:48 Melissa Hall, poetry, “Writer’s Cramp,” “Southern Exposure,” “Witness”

37:47 Margaret Noonan, reciting John Noonan poetry, “The Mighty Hudson,” “The Sirens Play Bass”

42:18 Paul Rabinowitz announcement, ARTS! By the People

43:55 Diego Ortiz, poetry, “On My Way Home,” “The Deported,” “Life”

50:14 Anjali Blow, age 9, oration, “You Are Special” by Max Lucado

60:04 Gus Gauntlett, introduction of senior poets, ARTS! By the People

60:13 Lorraine Rabinowitz, poetry, “Galoshes,” “Over the Wall”

64:53 Nellie Morris, age 96, poetry, “I Remember,” “Ah Springtime,” “Cheap Thrills,” “Painting with Willie”

72:12 Lorraine Rabinowitz, poetry, “Love as a Rose”

74:22 Bea Freiheiter, poetry, “The World Around,” “I Am Not Alone,” “Untitled”

Coming up in the SECOND HALF VIDEO: Hip hop from J-Rock and J-Rage, a monologue from Kristin Ace, a short play-in-verse from Gustav Gauntlett, and improv from Morristown High School’s Tomfoolery troupe.


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alyse jefferson and nellie morris

MG Kids Correspondent Alyse Jefferson, left, interviews 96-year-old poet Nellie Morris at 'MG Wordplay, Fun With Words' at the Morristown EcoCenter. Photo by Hal Crosthwaite


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anjali and ariya blow with alyse jefferson

MG Kids Correspondent Alyse Jefferson, center, with sisters Anjali and Ariya Blow, ages 9 and 8, respectively, of the New Jersey Orators, at MG Wordplay, Fun With Words. Photo by MG Kids Photographer Ashley Jefferson.

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