Morristown seniors dance it up at their annual summer picnic in town hall. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Morristown seniors bring wisdom–and a petition–to town hall picnic

Seniors know how to get the Mayor’s attention.

The Atlantic Rehabilitation Institute has been designated for redevelopment. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Plans to replace Mt. Kemble rehab with apartments will test Morristown / Morris Township relations

A venerable rehab center needs some rehab– and redevelopment, according to a planning study. Could it lead to a municipal merger?

James Hill

Who needs guitars? Not James Hill, headliner at NJ Ukulele Fest, Aug. 26-27

They don’t call this guy the ‘Wayne Gretzky of Ukulele’ for nothing.

By Matt Keown, joe mahoney, sober, aug 2016

Sober analysis from ‘Joe Mahoney,’ and MG cartoonist Matt Keown

Nice try, Joe!

Trying not to be blown away at the summit of Moosilauke, at 4,802 feet! Photo courtesy of Nichole Young

Braving the White Mountains, with Morristown’s A.T. hiker, Nichole Young

Our intrepid adventurer gets an early taste of winter on the last legs of her Appalachian Trail trek.

Robert Randolph reaches for heaven at the 2016 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Robert Randolph electrifies the Green, capping memorable Morristown music fest

The sixth annual Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest had something for everyone– except, maybe, umbrella salesmen.

Colleagues remember retired Morristown firefighter Vincent Hagensen as a fearless fireman and a generous friend. Photo courtesy of Morristown Fire Dept.

Morristown fireman Vincent Hagensen remembered for bravery and big heart

‘If you were in a bad situation, there was nobody else you want with you,’ recounted a former colleague.

Louis Prima Jr. and The Witnesses gaze upon crowd at the 2016 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

From the Morristown Jazz and Blues Fest

The joint is jumping.

FRONT ROW SEATS: These guys are guaranteed a great view of the sixth annual Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Gearing up for the Morristown Jazz & Blues Fest, Aug. 20

Ready for a day of great music?

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LOOKING GOOD: Bucky Pizzarelli, at the 2016 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

The Comeback Kid: Bucky Pizzarelli rebounds for Morristown music fest

He was in very bad shape a few short months ago. But this beloved 90-year-old jazzman still has some notes to play.

STARS IN HIS EYES: Sun reflects off shades of Quinn Sullivan, at the 2016 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

A million reasons to like Quinn Sullivan, rising star of Morristown music fest…

…and why we may convert our guitar to furniture.

Robert Randolph leads his own version of 'Dance Fever,' at the 2016 Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

Robert Randolph’s dance party on the Morristown Green

If you couldn’t make it to the Morristown Jazz & Blues Festival–or simply couldn’t make it onstage–park yourself right here, crank the volume on these videos, and start dancing.

John Power, Morristown High football coach. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

‘Football means something here’ : Meet John Power, Morristown High’s new coach

The new coach promises his Colonials will be hard-nosed, focused…and fun.

Aspiring performer at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, August 2016. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

‘Zombie Patty Cake,’ and other tasty treats, from Falcon Ridge

Don’t let that “folk music” title fool you. This is a very big tent, with elements of rock, roots, country, Cajun, Zombie — you name it.

Annika Bennett at the 2016 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

She Smiles: Meet Annika Bennett, the fresh face of folk

Keep an eye and an ear on this teenaged singer/songwriter.

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